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Aranmula Kannadi Handicraft Of Kerala 1.5 Inch

Aranmula Kannadi Handicraft Of Kerala 1.5 Inch

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Brand: triadz india

Color: Gold


  • Considered To Bring Good Luck And Prosperity In Home And Business
  • Front Surface Reflection Metal-Alloy Mirror And Thus Eliminates Secondary Reflections
  • Aberrations Typical Of Back Surface Mirrors

Publisher: triadz india

Details: Model: Aranmula Kannadi - Mayil Stand Small (Aranmula Mirror - Peacock Stand Small) The Aranmula Kannadi (Mirror) had the privilege of royal patronage at its peak period and its image even in the age-old cave carvings of Khajuraho and that the like. The exclusive metal mirror have a pride of place at the home of all elite. The artistic creation is to adorn the grandure of the houses. Very beautiful and marvelous designs are available at our showroom and website. Besides, we undertake the esteem orders according to the customers desire and requirements. Aranmula kannadi (mirror) is famous for its secretive method and uniqueness in the make which get Patent protected with a Geographical Indication tag, Only eight Indian Commodities have been stamped with the Geographical Indication tag - Darjeeling Tea, Pochampalli Sarees, Salem Fabric, Goa Fenny, Solapur Fabric, Pavithra Modiram (Ring) from Payyannur in Kerala, Chanderi Silks And Aranmula Kannadi (mirror) from Kerala. It is the only metal mirror available, Unlike Ordinary Glass mirror, Image from Aranmula Kannadi is reflected from upper surface of reflecting material, where in Glass mirror image reflected from bottom layer where mercury is pasted. So real image is only captured in the Aranmula Kannadi (mirror) Aranmula Kannadi is one among 8 auspicious items included famous astamangalya set, which usually used for very auspicious function like marriage. Aranmula Kannadi its make details only known to few people in one family belong to Aranmula and it is kept as a family secret. Artisans even today use by traditional low-tech methods and materials a rather sophisticated high-tech metallurgical and product is achieved.

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