Aranmula Mirror Horizontal Sank (Conch Model)

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  • Type: Mirror
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Brand: Keralashopee KS

Color: Gold


  • Material : Brass
  • Colour : Gold, Measure : H14 x W26 cm Mirror 2.5 inches
  • Note : Each mirror is unique and well packed with special jewel box with cleaning kit. As it is fully handmade the brass designs may vary. Any item you purchase is unique. Even if the product is from the same lot, the unique patterning of texture will always make each item beautifully different.
  • A valuable gift for traditional all auspicious occasions like Akshaya tritiya, Vishu, Navaratri Pooja, Dasara etc
  • Weight : Approximately 400 gms.

Publisher: Vishwa Brahmana Aranmula Metal Mirror Nirman Society

Details: The famous Aranmula Kannadi (metal mirror) is an auspicious traditional handcrafted mirror made by bell metal. This unique art is born in Aranmula, Kerala, located on the bank of holy river pampa which is the place of God Parthasarathy. Thus Mirror is linked with Aranmula Parthsaradhy temple. In purana this mirror is described as the Mirror of Goddess Parvathy. The speciality of Aranmula Kannadi is its unique making procedure and metallurgy which is now traditionally known to a single family in Aranmula. This mirror is made out of an metal combination. Local paddy fields mud is also used. It may take many months to complete an aranmula Mirror. The finished mirrors need to be polished for one or two days to achieve their highly reflective surface. This polished face of the metal mirror not only resembles glass but also reflects the images very clearly.