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Rs. 1269
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Rs. 1269

Girl's Taffeta Silk Frock

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Country Of Origin: India Fabric: Taffeta Silk Sizes: (1-2 year ,Chest 21.5in, Waist 20.5in, Length 18in) (2-3 year ,Chest 23in, Waist 22in, Length 21in) (3-4 year ,Chest 24in, Waist 23in, Length 23in) (4-5 year ,Chest 24.5in, Waist 23.5in, Length 24in) (5-6 year ,Chest .25.5in, Waist 24.5in, Length 25in) (6-7 year ,Chest 26.5in, Waist 25.5in, Length 26.5in) (7-8 year ,Chest 28.5in, Waist 27.5in, Length 28in) (8-9 year ,Chest 30in, Waist 29in, Length 29in) (9-10 year ,Chest 31in, Waist 30in, Length 30in) (10-11 year ,Chest 32in, Waist 31in, Length 32in)

Color: Multicoloured
Fabric: Silk Blend
Style: Solid
Design Type: Frocks
Country of Origin: India

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