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Name :Bamboo Rice

Origin : INDIA | Wayanad, Kerala

Brand : Unbranded Pack  

Direct From Trible family 

Village India Product 

Pack Size : 450 gm


  • The health benefits and nutrient content of bamboo rice is remarkable.. .
  • The Bamboo Ric is a good source of vitamin B6 It has anti-diabetic properties.
  • Rich in Fibbers used for sugar disease The Bamboo rice have fertility enhancing properties
  • Bamboo Ric have higher protein content than both rice and wheat.
  • The regular use can help to controls Joints pain, back pain and rheumatic pain due to higher protein content. It can lowers cholesterol levels.

Details: Usually, bamboo groves flower once in 40 years. With resemblence to paddy rice and wheat-like taste, amboo rice is comparatively much richer in protein. Not only tribes but local people here also consider it as a good substitute for rice. A wide range of delicacies like payasam, unniyappam (sweet balls), uppumavu and puttu, made of bamboo rice, are high o,Bamboo rice like any other rice is rich in various nutrients including carbohydrates, fiber and protein. It is believed that bamboo rice has low glycemic index compared to other varieties of rice, which is considered to be a healthier option for diabetics. The rice has low or no fat and is rich in vitamin B. Food & DrinksBamboo Rice: Everything You Need To Know About The Tribal Savory! Highlights Bamboo rice is special rice that is grown out of a dying bamboo shootBamboo rice resembles paddy rice and tastes like wheatBamboo rice is rich in carbohydrate, fiber and protein Indians are die hard rice lovers and nobody can take this privilege from us. The typical dal chawal, rajma chawal and chhole chawal are to die for and you would agree. Rice makes an indispensable part of any meal in a typical North Indian and a South Indian household and why not, it has been giving us some great culinary experiences with its exceptional aroma and simple taste. For years we have been experimenting with rice, turning it into different dishes including idlis,dosas and evenphirni. However, there are different varieties of rice that may not be as popular, but make our history of rice richer and intriguing. One of the types of rice is bamboo rice aka Mulayari, a beautiful and natural short grain, which is the last souvenir of a dying bamboo shoot. Let us know more about this 'tribal' rice that may be uncommon, but has an interesting story of harvest. Bamboo Rice- Unfolding its Story Bamboo rice is special rice that is grown out of a dying bamboo shoot. When the bamboo shoot breathes its last, it flowers into a rare variety of rice seeds,

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