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KERALA - Kerala Responsible Tourism Book

KERALA - Kerala Responsible Tourism Book

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God’s Own Country has a plethora of art forms, rituals and
festivals that have been in existence for centuries and
proclaim its exotic culture. Such a rich and old tradition
makes this land unique. Most of the cultural phenomena
of Kerala are in one way or the other related to the religions
that thrive in the region, their customised forms of worship
and their special rituals. From depicting native legends,
distinctive traditions, historical yarns and mythical tales to
providing commentary on social injustices in the form of
satirical plays and skits, the cultural art forms and festivities
reflect the beliefs and values of the people and, in turn, have
moulded their thinking and world view for centuries.
Kerala Responsible Tourism Mission welcomes you to
experience this cultural diversity of Kerala!

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Publisher : Kerala 

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